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When you need air conditioning or ac cooling repairs in a hurry, or you want Fast, Professional cooling or heating repairs, but at an affordable price, call AllPro Heating & AC. We offer fast service, same day repairs, affordable pricing, and friendly service technicians. Call now!


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AllPro Heating & AC advises all of our customers to have your Spring air conditioning cooling check performed by a professional air conditioning technician prior to the extreme temperatures of the Texas Summer, where temperatures can easily reach 105 F degrees or higher. Our friendly professional technicians know exactly what is necessary to keep your home as cool and comfortable as possible. With a Preseason cooling checkup, we can catch many of the problems that may arise with your air conditioning equipment, before they happen, or before they cost you a lot of money in high energy, or electricity bills. Many of the problems with improper cooling can be found with a professional preseason cooling checkup. A lot of times, not having the proper Freon or Puron charge in your air conditioner can cause it to run poorly, thereby running up your energy charges and still not cooling well. Call now for your Spring preseason checkup, and let our professional technicians perform a multi-point checkup now!


Winter weather is still upon us on these cold, rainy, windy days. Nights are still cold enough for many people to still be using their electric heaters, or gas furnaces. AllPro Heating & AC will still offer that Winter preseason cooling checkup for the same price. Here’s our coupon, we want you to have it available. We know that many people just don’t like to have a cold, damp home. We want you to know that we don’t want you to have a cold, damp home either. That’s why, if you need us, we have qualified, professional technicians available to come to your home and get your heating or gas furnace repaired. We always stock the popular components for heaters and gas furnaces. And, a lot of people don’t realize that many of the parts and components on their heater or gas furnace also control their AC cooling systems. That’s right!! If your heater doesn’t work well, your AC might not either. Call us now for fast, friendly, affordable service and repairs.

Dallas – (214) 518-1895
Fort Worth – (817) 966-6610