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R-22 FreonWhen the temperatures are hot, or muggy, and your air conditioning is not cooling good, maybe it’s time to add more freon. In the Summer, a little bit of freon makes all the difference in cooling. Now if you have the old style of Freon, R22, maybe you have heard it’s getting expensive. Well, AllPro Heating & A/C is offering the older style of freon for the best price in Grand Prairie, Tx 75052. We have a good stock of R22 Freon for the older systems and we have great prices and great service! Don’t listen to those people that tell you there is none around, that it’s obsolete, and you’ll have to change out all of your equipment.



SUMMER COOLING CHECKUP COUPONWe have that R22 Freon at the best price you will find in Grand Prairie, Tx 75052. We weigh the R22 Freon into your system with a scale. You know what you are getting, how much you are getting, and the price you will pay for the R22 Freon. We all know that when air conditioning equipment gets old, it needs to be replaced. But, we also know that everyone wants to replace that equipment the minute it’s not working well. Not everyone is ready to spend a lot of money without notice and planning. So, when you need R22 Freon, Call AllPro Heating & A/C for the best price on R22 Freon. We also have the newer Freon, R410a Puron, at great prices. Call us today! You’ll save a little money, you’ll have a little time to plan on replacing faulty equipment, and you’ll be cool while you’re doing that.